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In practices of Buddhism, symbolic offerings are made to the Triple Gem, giving rise to contemplative gratitude and inspiration. Typical material offerings involve simple objects such as a lit candle or oil lamp, burning incense, flowers, food, fruit, water or drinks. At Vihara, devotees offer dana, the mid-day meal for venerable monks.


If any difficulties bringing in dana personally, there is an option to donate £20 directly to the temple account (Aloka Vihara Sort: 30-98-97 AC 76165162), which will enable us to get a meal prepared and delivered before 11:30 am to the temple. Please confirm a day in advance to Saman (07428781959) or Buddhika (07767375081) if this needs to be arranged.


Online Donations

The monastery is entirely dependent for its existence on the generosity of its lay supporters. If you wish your donation to be used for a particular purpose please inform us of this when making the donation. Donate easily and securely through Paypal/Credit/debit Card. 

Let’s help together

Where the money goes

The monastery is entirely dependent for its existence on the generosity of its lay supporters. Your donations will help us:

  • Operating costs: The day-to-day running of the Vihara, providing Monks Accommodation, Building/Contents Insurance, Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water), Telephone and Internet, Monks’ Travel, Visas and Food.
  • Programmes: Essential consumables related to the running of Dhamma School and Sil Programmes.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of buildings & Premises, Sound system and Equipment for recording Dhamma Talks, Stationaries and printing costs.
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Helpful food & non-food items

Many lay supporters ask what the monastery’s specific needs are, so they can offer requisites to the Aloka Vihara community. The list below indicates the items needed by the community and is updated regularly . Should you wish to check on what items are most needed at any particular time, you can also contact Aloka Vihara by email, using the below form on this page.

  • Extra long matches
  • Napkins
  • Essential consumables related to operating the dhamma School
  • Disposable Hot Cups
  • Dried Fruits/Dried Nuts
  • Food Containers

Thank you but we have more than we can use of the following items:

Bottled water, White rice, Pasta, Cereal, Tea, Salt, Pepper, Biscuits, Soap, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Toilet Paper, Cleaning Sprays, Razors, Socks, Jumpers, Hats, Fabric Softener, Sugar

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