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Where it all began

About Aloka Vihara

Aloka Vihara is a traditional Theravada Buddhist Temple in North East England. We are a proud Buddhist society, providing religious services and aiding the development of other services, particularly in Sri Lanka, as well as within the community, irrespective of their individual religion and beliefs.


A sacred place of teaching; we focus on the practice of mindfulness through meditation and host a program monthly, designed for children, where they can develop spiritual practices and disciples by understanding cultural and traditional values.


Our Services

Daily Worship ,Offerings, Sil Programes

We worship and make offerings to Lord Buddha daily, and we invite you to participate in these meritorious deeds.

Meditation & Dhamma Discussions

Train your mind to achieve inner peace and resilience from daily stressors through meditation and mindfulness.  Discuss the problems you face regarding the teaching and practices of the Dhamma under proper guidance.

Blessings, Chantings , Alms Giving

Acquire blessings from the Noble Tripe Gem during special life events, including achievements, anniversaries and birthdays. Participate in the offering of Dana (Midday meal) to the Maha Sangha (clergy at the temple) on a fixed monthly basis.

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Where the money goes

The monastery is entirely dependent for its existence on the generosity of its lay supporters. Your donations will help us:

  • Operating costs: The day-to-day running of the Vihara, providing Monks Accommodation, Building/Contents Insurance, Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water), Telephone and Internet, Monks’ Travel, Visas and Food.
  • Programmes: Essential consumables related to the running of Dhamma School and Sil Programmes.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of buildings & Premises, Sound system and Equipment for recording Dhamma Talks, Stationaries and printing costs.
  • www.alokavihara.co.uk

    Venerable Teldeniyaye Amitha

    Head of Aloka Vihara
  • www.alokavihara.co.uk

    Venerable Anamaduwe Wimalajeewa

    Buddhist Monk
  • www.alokavihara.co.uk

    Venerable Nepalaye Suwachaseela

    Buddhist Monk


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Who we are